Wellness Blog post1

Everyone deserves access to the ocean. In this first blog, we feature Rene Arellano. Rene suffered a spinal cord injury about a year ago. After a lot of hard work and physical therapy, Rene is now more independent than ever and he is looking forward to moving back to his home on the Island of Kauai. Rene also loves the water and loves to surf. When Kahana Bay is breaking I get really excited and let everyone know. It’s a really fun wave for beginners and experts alike. Offering some of the longest rides of your life. So I decided to invite Rene for an afternoon surf session. Rene was pumped to get out there, and as you can see we scored some sweet rides! It was a great day and I think it was an experience that showed Rene how capable he is to continue his love of the ocean and water sports.

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